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Get Lent worship done IMMEDIATELY
with full scripts for a deeply meaningful Lent journey
called "Gifts of the Dark Wood"
from Dr. Marcia McFee!
Dr. Marcia McFee has been known for creating deeply meaningful and memorable worship for over 20 years.
In her Worship Design Studio online coaching website, subscribers have access to 8+ years of
worship series with ideas for every Sunday, designed specifically for mainline Protestant churches
with a variety of worship styles!
But FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER, she has decided to offer fully-developed liturgies complete with prayers, litanies, communion liturgy, familiar hymns and song suggestions (with alternatives for various styles of worship), original music, leader transitions completely written out, and ideas for visual and media elements.
Not only that, but Dr. McFee has drawn on the talents of Worship Design Studio guest experts
for new arrangements of familiar hymns, ideas for Children's Time, and choral anthem suggestions.
AND the Holy Week service is a fully scripted drama
for six characters that can be done as readers theater
or a fully-mounted production.
In other words, your access to these materials
(AND THE BONUS RESOURCES LISTED BELOW) means that with the click of a button, you will have:
Ash Wednesday,
6 Sundays of Lent,
Holy Week and
Easter Sunrise service
COMPLETELY scripted!
 (Of course you will adapt as needed to suit your context–
even if you just pull the prayers, songs and choral suggestions, you'll be ahead of the game!)
Get an overview of the scripts HERE.
THERE'S MORE! Dr. McFee is first and foremost a teacher and coach
and wants you to learn from your experience.
Included in your purchase are two recorded webinars to help you prepare,
to get you steeped in the subject material and to answer any of your questions.
This series demonstrates all of Dr. McFee's well-known principles of meaningful and memorable worship:
• Intentional Spiritual Journeys
• Congregational Participation
• Sensory-Rich Communication
• Deeply Spiritual Leadership
• Attention to Dynamics and Flow
 Utilizing this series will not only help you plan for Lent instantly, it can help train your team as you practice the concepts of meaningful and memorable sensory-rich worship.
The Series
Why this series for Lent?
In January of 2015, Dr. McFee and Dr. Elnes led a retreat for the BTS Center in Maine based on the manuscript for Eric's upcoming book, Gifts of the Dark Wood: Seven Blessings for Soul Skeptics (and other Wanderers).
This retreat was so compelling that the seed was planted to create a worship series based on the book. Marcia's frequent music collaborator, Chuck Bell, provided musical support for that retreat and was on board to work with Marcia to help create original music and arrangements for familiar hymns for the series as well.
The book is compelling because it addresses something we all deal with...
dark wood moments on our lives that are filled with
and so many other challenges.
And yet, there are gifts to be found if we embrace them...
Uncertainty can help us let go of our fear of the unknown.
Emptiness can leave room for new possibilities.
Thunderstruck moments can offer insight.
Getting lost invites us to heighten our awareness.
Temptation can help us know our true path.
And reaching out to other “misfits” on the journey
enriches our experience of life and love.
And through it all, God is with us.
See the synopsis for each worship service HERE
Find out more and read an excerpt of the book HERE

Lent is a time of the liturgical year that evokes journey.
It draws us into an introspective stance where growth happens.
This is an opportunity to bring this experience of depth to your church.
Watch the video (at this link or below) to hear the original theme song for the series–an example of what Lent 1 opening song, synopsis and prayer (what Marcia calls a "threshold moment") will sound like at your church!
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The Bonus Resources
Making sure you are covered for all aspects!
Dr. McFee utilizes the gifts of so many talented worship artists in her work. These are just some of the people whose work and contribution you will benefit from when you get this series:
Discount on the small group video study of "Gifts of the Dark Wood" from Darkwood Brew!
If you decide to form small groups for Lent,
these recorded sessions from Darkwood Brew's internet broadcasts
will make it so easy. Hosted by Eric Elnes, they include appearances by
Parker Palmer, Diana Butler Bass and Brian McLaren!
Discount on books from Abingdon Press!
The good folks at Abingdon Press, publisher of Gifts of the Dark Wood book
are offering the book at a 33% discount!
Form a book study for Lent on the book, utilize them in your small groups, use the book for sermon fodder.
Suggested resources for children in this series by Mark Burrows,
author of several books on children in worship!
Suggested choral and handbell choices by Stephanie Rhoades,
national clinician and president of chorister and handbell guilds!
Full piano scores for the two original series theme songs by Marcia and Chuck Bell, national worship music consultant, composer and arranger!
(full scores for hymn arrangements and piano solos sold separately for a nominal cost)
Music suggestions by Richard Bruxvoort-Colligan,
"psalmist," theologian, composer, performer and national teacher and leader.
 (sold separately for a nominal cost)
A discount from Travis Reed at!
We suggest several of his video loops in the series (one of the them is featured in the video above) and
he has extended a subscription discount for anyone who is doing this series.
Not only do you get 9 fully-scripted services,
two training webinars,
and access to materials to make Lent unforgettable...
you get peace of mind and
time in your schedule to breathe easier–
perhaps time for your own spiritual journey.
Give yourself and your congregation this rich gift.
The value for these resources at
$10 per service script ($20 for the Holy Week drama),
$25 per webinar,
$10 for the original piano scores
would be
But we are offering this introductory
fully-scripted worship series for a fraction of that value
Current Worship Design Studio subscribers, you get all our scripted series for FREE!
Log in to your account and search "Worship Series!"
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You'll get the chance at check-out
to upgrade to a full year subscription
to the Worship Design Studio for $99 off the regular price!
So that's Lent scripts AND a year access to over 50 worship series with ideas for each Sunday
as well as articles, webinars, podcasts and video teaching sessions to train your staff and volunteers!
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Get the scripts now and have Lent done now!
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