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Get Advent/Christmas worship done IMMEDIATELY
with full scripts for a deeply meaningful journey called
"God Bless Us Every One: The Redemption of Scrooge"
from Dr. Marcia McFee!
Dr. Marcia McFee has been known for creating deeply meaningful and memorable worship for over 20 years.
In her Worship Design Studio online coaching website, subscribers have access to 8+ years of
worship series with ideas for every Sunday, designed specifically for mainline Protestant churches
with a variety of worship styles!
Earlier this year, FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER, Dr. McFee decided to offer fully-developed liturgies complete with prayers, litanies, communion liturgy, familiar hymns and song suggestions (with alternatives for various styles of worship), original music, leader transitions completely written out, and ideas for visual and media elements in a Lent series called "Gifts of the Dark Wood." 
to have their most memorable Lent ever,
that she received countless e-mails
asking for more!
So, here is her answer:
"Advent/Christmas can be such a stressful time of year for pastors and worship artists. And what we'd really like to be doing is enjoying this season just as much as everyone else. With this fully-scripted series you can lead your team in quickly tweaking the materials for your context and best of all... give you peace of mind and excitement for the rest of the year! I'm so excited about this series! You are going to love our music, visual and dramatic suggestions as well as the wonderful small group resources available from Abingdon Press to accompany this worship series! I hope you'll join us in transforming lives and communities with a deeply meaningful holy-day season." - Dr. Marcia McFee
As with the Lent series, Dr. McFee has drawn on the talents of Worship Design Studio guest experts
for new arrangements of familiar hymns, ideas for Children's Time, and choral anthem suggestions.
In other words, your access to these materials
means that with the click of a button, you will have:
6 COMPLETE scripts for all the Sundays of Advent,
Christmas Eve and Christmas Day (yep, it's a Sunday)
• Visual and Media ideas to easily implement
• Scripts for children's time leaders
• Sermon helps in the scripts
• Music suggestions for piano solos, handbell pieces,
anthems, hymns and songs for various styles
• Original prayer song music downloads
• An original series video "trailer" to use in publicity
PLUS ideas for imaginative come-and-go Christmas Day alternatives
 (Of course you will adapt as needed to suit your context–
even if you just pull the prayers, songs and choral suggestions, you'll be ahead of the game!)
Get an overview of the scripts HERE.
THERE'S MORE! Dr. McFee is first and foremost a teacher and coach
and wants you to learn from your experience.
Included in your purchase are two live webinars to help you prepare.
We will get you steeped in the subject material and answer any of your questions–including chatting with author Matt Rawle, musician Chuck Bell and children's expert, Mark Burrows.
This series demonstrates all of Dr. McFee's well-known principles of meaningful and memorable worship:
• Intentional Spiritual Journeys
• Congregational Participation
• Sensory-Rich Communication
• Deeply Spiritual Leadership
• Attention to Dynamics and Flow
 Utilizing this series will not only help you plan for Advent/Christmas instantly, it can help train your team as you practice the concepts of meaningful and memorable sensory-rich worship.
The Series
Why this series for Advent/Christmas?
From Dr. Marcia: "In looking for a resource that would bring a meaningful and memorable experience to Worship Design Studio churches, I was struck by Matt Rawle's treatment of this classic tale. Far from being a surface treatment of a popular secular story, Rawle helps us see the correlation of Scrooge's transformation to the one we are invited to through the birth of Jesus.

In this series we will proclaim that living in God’s economy of grace and justice is the antithesis of the life-threatening addiction to money, success, exclusion and looking out for ourselves that seems to characterize so much rhetoric these days.

Just as God’s presence was born anew into this world,
we too can be born anew, woken up and redeemed
into renewed life, joy, passion, generosity, humility and love."
See the Worship Design Studio synopsis for each worship service HERE
Find out more about the book and read a sample chapter HERE
(please note that the Worship Resources Flash Drive from Abingdon Press does NOT include our worship scripts - only poster, video countdown, weekly media animation intro's and sermon starters)
Watch our series trailer video (at this link or by clicking the video icon below–if you have Flash)
to hear our original prayer song for the series–an example of what
a part of the worship will sound like at your church!
This series trailer will be available for your church to use and insert its own information at the end about dates, address and times of services.
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The Bonus Resources
Making sure you are covered for all aspects!
Dr. McFee utilizes the gifts of so many talented worship artists in her work. These are just some of the people whose work and contribution you will benefit from when you get this series:
Discount on the book and small group resources from Cokesbury!
If you decide to form small groups for Advent,
the Leader's Guide for Adults and Youth and DVD's
will make it so easy. Hosted by Matt Rawle, they include appearances by
Ebenezer Scrooge!

Full scripts for children's participation
in this series by Mark Burrows,
author of several books on children in worship
(another Abingdon Press author)!
A time of "Blessing of the Children" in each worship experience includes a fun, interactive search for Christmas bells among the congregation and a Christmas card with a message addressed to the children about peace, hope, love, joy, awe and presence.
Full piano scores for the original series prayer song by Dr. Marcia and Chuck Bell, national worship music consultant, composer and arranger!
(full scores for hymn arrangements and piano solos by Chuck Bell
sold separately for a nominal cost)
Visual and media arts ideas to jumpstart your team,
including DIY ideas for creating a unique Advent candle wreath and other ideas!
INCLUDING a $50 promo code from our friends at The Work of the People who produce amazing video liturgies!
Not only do you get 6 fully-scripted services,
two training webinars,
visual and media arts ideas,
original music and readings for your dramatists,
access to materials to make Advent unforgettable...
you get peace of mind and
time in your schedule to breathe easier–
perhaps time for your own spiritual journey.
Give yourself and your congregation this rich gift.
The value for these resources at
$25 per service script ($35 for Christmas Eve),
$25 per webinar,
$20 for the original piano scores
would be
But we are offering this
fully-scripted worship series for a fraction of that cost
Current Worship Design Studio subscribers, you get all of the resources for FREE!
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You'll get the chance at check-out
to upgrade to a full year subscription
to the Worship Design Studio for $99 off the regular price!
So that's Advent/Christmas scripts AND a year access to 55+ worship series with ideas for each Sunday
as well as articles, webinars, podcasts and video teaching sessions to train your staff and volunteers!
Your subscription will also include our next fully-scripted series for Lent 2017!
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Don't let this be you!
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Get the scripts now and have Advent/Christmas done now!
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