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We are pleased to announce that Dr. Marcia McFee's new book will be available soon!
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Advance Praise for the Book:

"Worship is grand Story enacted, not just told. It is the human adventure writ large and passionately visioned. It is our tangled journey of divine un-doings, hard choices, wrong turns, and second chances re-contexted with beauty and painstaking care. McFee gets all this deep in her bones, and her book is brilliant because of it. Clearly, she is one of the most masterful worship guides to appear in decades". - Sally Morgenthaler, author of Worship Evangelism

"The powerful medium of film and the alluring power of mystery go together, and Marcia McFee knows why and shows how in her one-of-a-kind book. She is in full command of the creative capacities inherent in the “lens” of film for the shaping of compelling worship proclamations in the 21st Century. Those who design worship will find here abundant resources for shaping ultimately transformative experiences for congregations of all sorts and sizes." - Dr. Bob Hill, Minister Emeritus,Community Christian Church, Kansas City, Missouri and host of “Religion on the Line” radio talk show

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