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"Sneak Peek" into the Worship Design Studio!
Lots of sample resource materials
INCLUDING two worship series that will
have you covered for the whole summer for only $49!
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Greetings! My name is Dr. Marcia McFee and I am the creator and visionary of the Worship Design Studio. For almost 10 years now, the Worship Design Studio has been resourcing and training thousands of clergy, staff and worship team volunteers. We want you to feel like you have concrete help in creating meaningful and memorable worship week in and week out.
 Many of you have encountered our resources - either through being at a workshop with me or studying our Jumpstart articles or reading my books. But you may have wondered what a subscription to the online resources of the Worship Design Studio is like. So we decided to give you a sneak peek in our WDS Starter Kit,
available for a limited time. 
This will give you samples of our materials for a nominal cost–
all of which you can get back towards a full subscription
if you decide that the Worship Design Studio is for you.
AND these materials, in and of themselves,
have more value than the $49 cost to you!
(how about having 3 months of worship ideas to start?)

Here’s what is in the Starter Kit that represents our commitment to
Inspiration, Education and Practical Design Help.
Why start from scratch every time?
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We’ve given you TWO FULL examples of our 60 worship series available currently in the WDS! These two documents give you over 80 pages of titles, synopses, scriptures, and resource ideas for all worship arts for every Sunday. That’s verbal, visual, musical, media and dramatic arts ideas - really more than you can use - which means you decide to use what works for your congregation and be inspired to your own ideas as well!
We’ve chosen two of our series that can be used any time of year
(even though one of them was originally designed for Lent)
so if you haven’t yet planned where you are headed next,
you can instantly have the next three months covered!
One 6-week series focuses on blessing and the other on healing
(see more about the "Bless to Me" series HERE).
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"We are getting tons of great comments from our congregation - they are loving this series! Our youth director told me it's the best series she's ever seen at any church. I just love everything you put together - what a wonderful resource WDS is! Thank you!"
We have also included sample excerpts of one of our fully-scripted worship series, "Gifts of the Dark Wood." We now have two Lent series and one Advent series in the WDS that don’t just have ideas for you to put together, they have every word, every music idea, every children’s time, visual and media idea lined out for you - of course everyone adapts for their setting. The response to these have been incredible! We will be continuing to create both kinds of series in the future - those that offer many and various ideas for a series and those that are fully-scripted. We wanted you to see what both are like. In this sample of "Gifts of the Dark Wood," you will see one of the Sundays and excerpts from the children’s time materials, visual and media suggestions and music written for the series.
We are also including one example of the brainstorming podcasts that were the genesis of the Worship Design Studio. For three years, I recorded podcasts of nationally-known guest experts in preaching, visuals and music (plus myself) brainstorming about each liturgical season, each year of the Revised Common Lectionary. We’ve included one for Fall, Year A - since that is what is coming up. Please note that these podcasts include both lectionary and non-lectionary ideas.
We've included a fully-scripted All Saints Sunday service written by Dr. Marcia McFee. What this means is that if you use our two series for the summer, the podcast to jumpstart ideas for your Fall and the All Saints service, you instantly have help all the way to Advent! We'll even throw in our 2017-2018 "plan ahead" calendar to keep you on track and feeling pro-active in your work of worship design. You will really have a sense of what it is like to be supported in your work with a subscription to the Worship Design Studio all year.
"Our congregation was pleased with the worship focus and implementation in general. . . Comments have been universally GREAT!"
Let us train your volunteers!
Besides offering inspiration through worship series ideas and resources, we offer education of your worship team members through articles, webinars, interviews and pointing you to online resources by reputable and creative folks. Here is what the Starter Kit includes as examples of these:

Two of our educational webinars! We have many webinars in the Worship Design Studio - at least two for every worship art. We’ve included our basic webinar on Visual Arts as well as our advanced webinar on music arts - featuring guest expert Chuck Bell on transitions and flow in worship.
A video session excerpt of one of my workshops. We have excerpted video clips from my live workshops so that you can create mini-workshop sessions for your team on various topics. We link you to the clip and to discussion questions. We’ve included one on the diverse ways that we worship and why sensory-rich worship is so important!
Two articles for the design process! The first article helps “Visionaries” (pastors) plan for a long-range planning retreat (vital for a “plan together and plan ahead” process). The other one is for the end of the process: Tips for the Cue-to-Cue rehearsal which is a walk-through in the sanctuary to care for details (this is crucial for good worship flow). We have articles in the Worship Design Studio for every step in between those two steps!

Two “More Resource” examples! We know you don’t have time to research new, helpful resources online so we do that for you! We are always on the look-out for things that will make your job of worship design easier and more inspired. In this start kit we have given you access to our suggestions regarding movable pews and one on creative lighting ideas. In WDS we have many others, including liturgy websites, royalty-free photo websites, the latest in media techniques, places to find great music ideas, etc.
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"We cannot thank you all enough for the way that WDS has revolutionized our planning and worshiping together. We are so grateful to be a part of this creative, spirit-filled community of worship teams and designers and artists!"
Practical Design Help
Find out how we collaborate and organize in the cloud!
After years of consulting with worship teams and learning what the struggles and roadblocks to working as a team were for them, I combined my own experience of designing worship in teams with this gathered information and came up with time-tested strategies for “planning together and planning ahead.” As I already mentioned, we have training materials to help your team learn these strategies but we ALSO have practical ways to make your collaboration easier! In the Starter Kit, I will give you a “tour” inside the Worship Design Studio and show you our popular Design App and how you can keep the communication rolling without a lot of meetings and e-mails back and forth! You'll see how everyone can add ideas during the resource-gathering stage of the process and then how our application helps you assign tasks and keep track of what needs to be done.
$49 for ALL these resources
from the Worship Design Studio!
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Let's review:
2 Worship Series that will take you through the next 3 months
Excerpts from 1 of our fully-scripted series
Fully-scripted worship service for All Saints Sunday
Podcast of nationally-recognized experts brainstorming about the Fall
2 Education Webinars on Music and Visual Arts
Video Excerpt Lesson from a Dr. McFee workshop
2 Articles about the Design Process
2 "More Resources" articles
Tour of the WDS Design App
2017-2018 Design Calendar for the liturgical year
If you decide to become a full member of the Worship Design Studio, we'll give you the entire $49 back PLUS another $26 discount!
Let's sweeten the deal...
With your purchase of this WDS Start Kit, we will throw in a discount promo code for you to use for one of our twice-yearly “Reboot Your Worship” 6-week webinar series that gets you ready for Advent or Lent while teaching you 5 things that will improve your worship immediately. The next one starts in September. Of course, if you end up subscribing for a full year to the Worship Design Studio,
these "Reboot" webinars are free to all active members!
"I want to say thank you for this Reboot. I have had a team that has come along on the journey and we have applied what we have learned and that makes a big difference. Thank you for this refresher and your energy and creativity. It has inspired me!"
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So don’t wait!
Take advantage of this limited-time offer
to get a sneak peek into the Worship Design Studio
and get way more than $49 dollars worth of resources right now.
At the very least, you’ll have the next three months of worship raring to go!
See you in the Studio!
Dr. Marcia McFee