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Worship Arts Video Series
Self-Guided Course
Need a way to deepen your use of the worship arts? These six one-hour Worship Arts Webinars & Articles (music, writing, dramatic, visual, media and worship leadership), offer an at-home virtual course with Dr. Marcia McFee for your team (and a great way to get folks on board when creating a team). Watch these and be well on your way to invigorating conversations and doable, practical advice for enhancing worship!
Meet Dr. McFee
We wanted to create a way for you to experience the teaching of Dr. Marcia McFee in an accessible format that you could do on your own time, at home. If you aren't familiar with her vital teaching that has inspired hundreds of churches over the last 20 years, this is a way to become part of the movement for sensory-rich, transformative worship that is truly "the work of the people" (no matter the size or "style" of worship)! See more about Dr. McFee HERE.
The Worship Design Studio
These articles and webinars are only a fraction of the educational and inspirational materials from the Worship Design Studio, Dr. McFee's online coaching website. If you want to just bypass this package and go right for the "full meal deal," go to to learn more about getting coaching all year long. If you don't want to sink your teeth in just yet to that, this package will give you a great insight into the kind of help that is Marcia's vocation in ministry. AND with your purchase of the video series, we'll give you a $50 discount coupon off the regular $299/yr (unlimited members from your church) - which means you'll be getting almost all your money back from purchasing this introductory video package at $60!
Try it!
For the equivalent of a nice dinner out for two, you can include your whole worship staff/volunteers in a learning experience that will turbo-boost the excitement for the work of worship design and leadership by opening the lines of communication and giving you lots of great ideas and tips for enhancing what you do–no matter the style or size of congregation.